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Iza Ng Yeoh & Kit is an integrated partnership that operates with 4 principal practice divisions:-

  • Corporate

  • Banking & Conveyancing

  • Litigation

  • Intellectual Property


The four divisions are supplemented by specialized industry practices that provide inter-disciplinary services to legally intensive and highly regulated industries.  The Firm’s practice and industry-based structure brings the talent and experience of the entire Firm to bear on matters originating in any division, promotes the exchange of information, and allows for efficient and effective project management within and among the various divisions.


At Iza Ng Yeoh & Kit, our goal is to develop a genuine sensitivity to our clients’ objectives and a thorough understanding of the economic issues and industry trends related to the problems, transactions, or disputes brought to our attention.  We believe that such an awareness contributes to more creative solutions to our clients’ problems and when applied to project planning, provides a measurable value-added dimension to our services.


We believe that good practice management is key to the efficient delivery of legal services and that such an approach demands a sophisticated level of experience, flexibility, open communication, mutual respect, and support between client and solicitor.


The national language, Bahasa Malaysia, is the official medium of communication in the Malaysian courts.  All our lawyers are proficient in Bahasa Malaysia.  Notwithstanding that, all our lawyers are also proficient and are, equally if not more, proficient in the English language.  Our principal working language is the English language. We also have lawyers who are proficient in Mandarin.

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